Global Engineering Challenge

Global Engineering Challenge

The Global Engineering Challenge is a cross-faculty event that occurs in first year. It takes real life problems from Engineering without Borders and allows students from all engineering disciplines to work together and find a solution.

My group was assigned the current problem in which Lobitos was struggling with citywide blackouts and suffering without enough energy. We formed our SMART question;

“4% of power in Lobitos comes from wind and solar power and the area is affected by power outages that last upto 8 hours [1]. Some renewable energy infrastructure is already in place, such as on top of the Fisherman’s Guild Community Hall and a wind turbine on the medical centre. Can we set up a project using renewable sources to reduce the number of households and local businesses affected by the power outages by 15% over the course of 5 years?”

and formed a report and presentation with our solution.

Our solution was awarded a certificate for the best communicated solution.