About Me

I am a student studying General Engineering; specialising in Medical Technologies, at the University of Sheffield. 

I am currently working as a Product Development Engineer placement student as part of my degree (year in industry).

  • Full name: Lucy Fox
  • Date of Birth: 13th December 2000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: Sheffield/Liverpool


Product Development Placement Student

Eakin Healthcare

Placement student within the design team at the Research and Development site.

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Placement Student

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Placement Student at EBME Aintree hospital Biomedical Engineering department.
I spent my time shadowing multiple members of staff who were at different levels of seniority.
I had the opportunity to observe the "sleep clinic", to witness Electrical Equipment Testing on CPAPs; and later completed EETs on my own whilst commissioning Trilogy Evo Ventilators using the Fluke ESA616 following the IEC 60601 standard. I was also able to assist in running system tests and servicing an Oxylog 3000 plus and a Perseus A500.
I observed the process of visual inspections, diagnostic tests, and the returning of equipment for contractual maintenance on the following devices including; - Ultra Sound - ECG - Spot monitors - Nebulizers - Compressors - AEDs - Dialysis Pumps - Infusion Pumps

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Summer Placement Scholar

Nuffield Foundation

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Attended University of Huddersfield to complete Foundation year.


Attending University of Sheffield to study General Engineering, specialising in Medical Technologies.


Finance & Development Officer

RAG - The University of Sheffield

Mar 2022 - Present

Responsible for understanding the 'raise' targets for all Raising and Giving events and motivating the committee to achieve said targets whilst providing updates and support to monitor progress. Monitors and evaluates financial progress throughout the year, alongside authorising purchases and reporting expenditure.

Inclusions Officer

GEMsoc - The University of Sheffield

Apr 2022 - Present

Elected member with the role of being in direct contact with students who may face barriers with getting involved in the society. Responsible for making sure everyone in the society feels welcome regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disabilities etc. 

Student Representative

The University of Sheffield

Oct 2022 - Present
Acting as a liaison between students and staff to ensure happy and healthy work environments. Also being a vessel for students to voice their concerns regarding university.

Academic Representative

The University of Huddersfield

Sep 2019 - Jun 2020
Acting as a liaison between students and staff to ensure happy and healthy work environments. Also being a vessel for students to voice their concerns regarding university.

NCS Graduate

National Citizen Service

Bronze Award Holder

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Extra-curricular activities and certifications

Student Member

Institution of Engineering and Technology

Student Member

Women's Engineering Society


Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Sports Leadership Qualification

Sports Leaders

Emergency First Aid at Work

(& Defibrillator course) Emergency Response Training Ltd.


AI in the Industry

This report considers how accurate the portrayal of Artificial Intelligence is within Hollywood. It will also question whether the technology depicted on the silver screen

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